tomatin 18 year old sherry cask

Tomatin 18 Year Old Sherry Cask


Tomatin 18 Year Old Sherry Cask is a single malt Scotch whisky that is produced by the Tomatin distillery in the Scottish Highlands. The distillery was founded in 1897 and has a long history of produc... Read more

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Product Information

Tomatin 18 Year Old Sherry Cask is available for the lowest price of £12. This is information is sourced from 11 online retailers, confirming this is the most affordable price available at this moment.


Name Tomatin 18 Year Old Sherry Cask
Brand Tomatin
Average Price £89.64
Type Scotch Whisky
Region Highland Whisky

Product Properties

Volume 700ml
Alcohol Content (ABV) 46%
Country of Origin Scotland
Created On CasKompare 02-23-2022

Product Description

Tomatin 18 Year Old Sherry Cask is a single malt Scotch whisky that is produced by the Tomatin distillery in the Scottish Highlands. The distillery was founded in 1897 and has a long history of producing high-quality whisky. Tomatin 18 Year Old Sherry Cask is made using locally sourced malted barley and water from the Alt-na-Frith burn. The whisky is aged in oak barrels for at least 18 years, which imparts flavors of vanilla, toffee, and oak to the final product. It is then finished in oak casks that were previously used to mature sherry, which imparts additional flavors and complexity to the final product. The whisky has a smooth and balanced flavor profile, with notes of honey, fruit, and spices. It is bottled at a strength of 43% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is available in a 700ml bottle. It is typically enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. Overall, Tomatin 18 Year Old Sherry Cask is a well-respected and widely enjoyed single malt Scotch whisky that has a rich history and a unique flavor profile. It is a good choice for whisky enthusiasts who appreciate the smooth and balanced flavors of a well-aged single malt, and are interested in trying something with a bit of extra complexity. The extended aging process of the 18 year old expression imparts additional depth and complexity to the final product, while the sherry cask finish adds a distinctive and sophisticated flavor.

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About The Brand: Tomatin

In the hamlet of Tomatin, there is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery. Given that it is located 25 minutes south of Inverness, its whiskey is considered to be from the Highland area. The distillery wasn't built until 1897, going by the name Tomatin Spey Distillery Co Ltd, even though it is believed that whiskey has been produced on the site since the 16th century when cattle drivers would purchase it from a nearby still. The business filed for bankruptcy in 1906 and reopened in 1909 under new management. It was acquired by the Japanese company Takara Shuzo in 1986 after the liquidation of its owners, and the name was changed to Tomatin Distillery Co Ltd. Up until 1958, the distillery ran on just two stills. They started adding stills to improve production capacity at that point, and by the 1970s, they were producing 12.5 million gallons of whiskey annually. Tomatin was formerly thought to be the biggest malt distillery in Scotland,[3] but as of 2007, they were only producing 2.5 million liters of alcohol, and since the mid-1980s, stills have been removed, reducing its total capacity to just over 5 million liters. Eighty percent of Tomatin's whiskey, including its own labels Antiquary and Talisman, is used to make blended whiskies. The distillery is currently increasing its core range and working to strengthen its reputation as a single malt producer. The 12-year-old was introduced in 2003 to replace Tomatin's standard 10-year-old malt. There are also often created single-cask, 32-year, and 40-year restricted releases. Cù Bcan, a single malt that is just minimally peated and produced at the distillery for one week a year, has just recently started to be made.

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