Published at: 03-26-2023

TWL Seals The Deal With Israel's Award Winning M&H Distillery

The Whisky List (TWL) has been chosen as the only Australian distributor of the ground-breaking Israeli distillery M&H Distillery's whisky.

The Whisky List is a website and mobile application that offers whisky lovers a platform to find, investigate, and buy whiskies from all around the world. David Vitale, the creator of the Australian whisky company Starward, introduced it in 2018.

The M&H (Milk & Honey) Distillery is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Gal Kalkshtein and the late Dr. Jim Swan, the well-known whisky expert, created the distillery's distinctive approach to whisky production, and launched the distillery in 2012. M&H received awards for Master Distiller, Craft Producer, and Brand Innovator of the Year in the Rest of the World category at the 2023 Icons of Whisky awards.

“As demand grows for ‘new world’ whiskies, we’re excited to introduce M&H’s exceptional quality and unique flavours to Australian whisky lovers. With dozens of accolades in a short period, M&H Distillery is one of the world’s standout distilleries. We can’t wait to share their outstanding range and award-winning expressions with our discerning customers and drinkers alike.” ~ Larry Aronson, The Whisky List

Tal Chotiner, M&H's head of international sales, will travel around Australia for ten days in May as part of a roadshow. His program will include lectures, consumer and trade tastings, and participation in the 2019 Sydney Whisky Show. At the occasion, M&H bottled an exceptional single cask of M&H STR Peated Cask for Australia.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Whisky List to bring our single malt collection to whisky lovers in Australia. They understand new-world whiskies incredibly well and demand for this category of whiskies is one of the fastest in the world.” ~ Tal Chotiner, Head of International Sales at M&H

The whiskies available from M&H (Milk & Honey) Distillery are diverse, ranging from traditional flavours to experimental releases. Only some of those will be available through The Whisky List and those are:

  1. The Classic Single Malt is M&H's signature whisky. It is created from locally grown barley and is matured in red wine and ex-bourbon barrels. With hints of honey, vanilla, and dried fruit, it has a taste profile that is rich and delicious.
  2. Having only been matured in ex-oloroso sherry barrels, Elements Sherry Cask has a rich and complex taste profile with hints of black fruit, chocolate, and spice.
  3. The barley used to make Elements Peated was locally harvested and peated using wood from the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. As a result, the whisky has a characteristic peaty, smokey taste profile with hints of salt, charcoal, and ash. 
  4. Elements Red Wine Casks are made using locally sourced barley that has been malted and then matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-red wine casks. The red wine casks are sourced from some of Israel's top wineries, including Carmel Winery and Barkan Winery, giving the whisky a unique flavour profile with notes of dark fruit, chocolate, and spice.

In addition to the above, the Whisky List will also carry the Apex Series. The series was launched in 2020 and is named after the highest point on Mount Hermon, a mountain range that spans Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.

The Apex Series' releases examine many facets of the terroir, production processes, and ageing procedures used by M&H. The whiskies are produced using barley that is grown locally and water that is drawn from the Ein Harod spring nearby. They are then aged in a variety of ex-bourbon, ex-wine, and other barrel types.

Whiskies aged in ex-Port, ex-Islay, and ex-PX barrels, as well as one made from roasted malted barley, have all been featured in the Apex Series releases. The whiskies are non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength, enabling their entire depth and complexity to be appreciated.

“Hot climate maturation means that our whisky ages rapidly, yet significantly gracefully. Whisky made in warmer weather takes on specific terroir which yields unique flavours that somewhat differ from their Old-World counterparts. Our methods, technique and equipment carry on centuries-old knowledge alongside innovative and out of the box thinking in exploring interesting casks and maturation locations. We keep the tradition of minimum three years of ageing.” ~ Goren, Master Distiller

M&H’s spirits are currently available in several global markets, including the UK, US, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Korea, Japan , China and South Africa.

About The Whisky List

The Whisky List is a website and mobile application that offers whisky lovers a platform to find, investigate, and buy whiskies from all around the world. David Vitale, the creator of the Australian whisky company Starward, introduced it in 2018.

According to their own likes and tastes, customers may quickly search and purchase whisky using the site. Users are able to register for an account, store their favourite whisky, and evaluate and rate the whiskies they've sampled.

The Whisky List's collaboration with merchants and distributors, which enables visitors to buy whisky straight from the website, is one of its distinctive characteristics. This makes it simple and quick for customers to explore and purchase whiskies from a variety of merchants and distributors in one location.

For whisky fans, the portal also provides a variety of tools and instructional materials, such as articles on various whisky producing locations, distilleries, and processes. Visitors may also read the reviews and tasting notes of other whisky connoisseurs and take part in online events and tastings.

Overall, The Whisky List is a helpful tool for whisky aficionados who want to learn about new whiskies, get in touch with other connoisseurs, and buy their favourite whiskies from a variety of sources all in one location.

Check out The Whisky List’s website.

About M&H Distillery

A number of distinguished single malt whiskies are produced at the M&H (Milk & Honey) Distillery in Tel Aviv, Israel. Gal Kalkshtein and the late Dr. Jim Swan, a well-known whisky expert who helped to create the distillery's distinctive approach to whisky production, launched the distillery in 2012.

The first distillery in Israel to create single malt whisky is M&H Distillery, which has swiftly established a reputation for its distinctive and superior whiskies. The distillery uses a blend of regional and foreign ingredients, conventional and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create a variety of whiskies, including both traditional and experimental flavours.

The utilisation of native Israeli barley in the distillation of whisky is one of M&H Distillery's distinctive characteristics. The distillery obtains its barley from Israel's Negev desert, where the hot, dry weather generates a distinctive terroir that affects the whisky's flavour character.

The distillery also employs a variety of barrels, including ex-Islay, ex-red wine, and ex-bourbon casks, to age its whiskies. With a variety of tastes and smells, from rich and fruity to smokey and peaty, M&H is able to manufacture whiskies.

M&H Distillery makes a variety of different spirits in addition to whiskies, such as gin, vodka, and brandy. Visitors to Israel who enjoy whisky often visit the distillery since it provides tours and tastings.

Overall, M&H Distillery is a distinctive and cutting-edge craft distillery that is assisting in establishing Israel as a manufacturer of premium single malt whisky. The company's dedication to employing regional ingredients and experimenting with various production techniques has produced a variety of intriguing and delectable whiskies that are guaranteed to please whisky connoisseurs all around the world.

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