Wild Turkey Bourbon

Wild Turkey Bourbon

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Average Price: £23.99 / 700ml
Crafted by Eddie Russell, son of master distiller Jimmy, this Kentucky Straight Bourbon is aged for longer than most other bourbons, between 6-8 years giving a rounder and more complex taste. ~ Master of Malt

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About Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey Distilling Co., a company of Campari Group, produces and bottles the Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey under the name 'Wild Turkey.' The distillery is close to the Kentucky city of Lawrenceburg. It is a stop on both the American Whiskey Trail and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and provides tours. Compared to other bourbons, Wild Turkey employs a mash that contains a comparatively smaller amount of maize, and the firm makes an effort to balance the alkaline climate of its limestone-rich water supply. Additionally, the raw whiskey is distilled to an alcohol content of roughly 55% by volume, which is substantially lower than the legal limit for bourbon. To promote more equal maturation, barrels are turned during open houses. Before being considered for bottling, they are matured until at least one-third of the contents has been lost to evaporation.

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