Published at: 03-06-2023

Ki One: South Korea's Three Societies Distillery Launches First Flagship Single Malt Whisky

Welcome to Three Societies, a distillery that started running in Namyangju, South Korea, back in 2020. Three Societies, a company that performs everything from mashing to distilling to maturing in Korea, was founded by former Microsoft executive Bryan Do with the assistance of Scottish Master Distiller Andrew Shand, whose portfolio includes Nikka and the Glenlivet.

Ki One Single Malt Whisky

Three Societies Distillery is introducing Ki One, South Korea's first flagship single-malt whiskey, as it enters the international whisky market. Ki One is a distinctive and genuine spirit that is entirely produced in South Korea, including the mashing, fermentation, distillation, and aging processes.

The first shipment of 700ml bottles of Ki One Flagship Single-Malt Whisky has a 40% A.B.V. and is matured in American virgin oak barrels. The distinctively Korean spirit has an aroma of rich oak and vanilla crunch, a flavor of sweet peach and banana, and a lengthy peppery aftertaste.

On February 25, only the Three Societies Distillery in South Korea will sell the 100 limited edition bottles of Cask Strength Ki One (57.7% A.B.V.) and the Ki One Flagship Single-Malt Whisky.

“We set about to create a world-class single malt whiskey with local characteristics that Koreans can be proud of. We are not only introducing to whisky fans in Korea but will release it in established whisky markets such as the United States of America, Japan, Canada, and Europe including Scotland from March onwards.” ~ Bryan Do, CEO of Three Societies

About Three Societies Distillery

Three Societies Distillery Logo

Three Societies, located in Namyangju, about 40 minutes northeast of Seoul, is where Korea's tradition of artisan single malt whiskey began. The three societies that make up our distillery team are the source of our name. the Korean laborers that keep our business running, the Scottish Master Blender and Distiller Andrew Shand, and the Korean American entrepreneur Bryan Do. The Unicorn, the Bald Eagle, and the Tiger in the logo stand in for the national animals of each nation, protecting and keeping watch over our distillation and maturing as we pioneer the production of whiskey of the highest caliber utilizing conventional techniques in a foreign place.

With the Three Societies team, dedication to the trade is ingrained. The Three Societies team takes pleasure in their no-compromise mentality for the greatest spirits and over 40 years of distilling experience.

The Three Societies process is built on traditional techniques, which enable them to produce items of the highest caliber, they are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and break the mold. Why not, for instance, utilize different types of wood to age our spirits if doing so results in goods that are bolder and tastier?

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