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Black Bottle is a blended Scotch whisky that has been enjoyed for over 140 years. It is a unique blend of single malt whiskies from the Islay, Highland, and Speyside regions, which are aged for up to ... Read more

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Amazon 19.25 19.38 16.50 15.92 18.96 N/A
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Spirits Kiosk 24.95 25.34 23.95 20.95 20.95 22.70
Tesco 19.25 18.50 18.68 16.50 15.71 18.43
The Bottle Club N/A N/A 20.99 20.99 20.99 20.99
The Drink Shop N/A N/A N/A N/A 21.52 21.52
The Whisky Shop 22.00 22.00 20.46 20.00 20.00 25.52
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Rich and complex for the price! On the nose, it offers hints of smoke, sea salt, and peat, while the palate delivers a smooth and creamy texture with notes of honey, vanilla, and fruit. The finish is long and satisfying, with a gentle smokiness that lingers.
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Product Information

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Name Black Bottle
Brand Black Bottle
Average Price £21.85
Type Scotch Whisky
Region Other Scotch Whisky

Product Properties

Volume 700ml
Alcohol Content (ABV) 40%
Age NAS (Non Age Statement)
Country of Origin Scotland
Created On CasKompare 02-06-2022

Product Description

Black Bottle is a blended Scotch whisky that has been enjoyed for over 140 years. It is a unique blend of single malt whiskies from the Islay, Highland, and Speyside regions, which are aged for up to 12 years in oak casks. The result is a smooth and complex whisky with a balance of smoky and fruity flavors. Black Bottle is a versatile whisky that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. It has a rich history and is a great value for those looking for a quality blended Scotch whisky. Compare prices on our site to find the best deal on Black Bottle whisky.

Tasting Notes

Notes: Black Bottle is a blended Scotch whisky that's been around for over 140 years. It's made using a unique blend of Islay single malts and grain whiskies from all over Scotland, resulting in a smoky, complex flavor profile that's perfect for those who love a peaty dram.

Production Methods

Black Bottle is a blended Scotch whisky that has a long and storied history. It was first produced in the late 19th century by the Graham brothers, who owned a grocery store in Aberdeen, Scotland. Today, the whisky is produced by Burn Stewart Distillers and is made with a blend of malts from Islay, Arran, and Jura, as well as grains from the mainland. The malt whiskies are known for their smoky and peaty flavors, which are balanced by the sweeter grain whiskies. The production process involves careful selection and blending of the malts and grains, which are then aged in oak casks to develop the signature flavors of Black Bottle. The resulting whisky is a rich and complex blend that is perfect for sipping neat or mixing in a cocktail.

Serving Suggestions

Black Bottle is a versatile blended Scotch whisky that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It's great on its own, neat or with a splash of water to bring out the flavors. The smooth and mellow profile of this whisky makes it an excellent choice for classic cocktails, such as the Rusty Nail or Rob Roy. Its unique flavor profile can also pair well with a range of foods, from rich cheeses to grilled meats and even dark chocolate. Whether enjoyed at home or in a social setting, Black Bottle is a whisky that is sure to impress.

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About The Brand: Black Bottle

Our story starts in 1879. From the peaceful Scottish hamlet of Torphins, three brothers named Charles, David, and Gordon Graham set out to conquer the world and seek their wealth. They made a reputation for themselves as great tea blenders in the thriving town of Aberdeen swiftly because of their passion and taste for the exotic. The brothers were successful, but their adventurous spirits never settled. Destiny spoke to the brothers from the centuries, beckoning them on to a fresh adventure. They once more forayed into the unknown, leaving the tea trade in their wake. As they broke free from convention, the three experimented, improved, and perfected novel flavors and cooking techniques. Finally, they discovered an astonishing alchemical delight: a whiskey that was both methodical and unconventionally assertive. The boys' spirit has not yet been affected by the passing of time. Without compromising, as consistently exceptional as it has always been. Black Bottle continues to embody intrepid adventure. One for people who believe you are what you drink: unconventional.

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