jim beam red stag

Jim Beam Red Stag


Jim Beam infused with the natural essence of Black Cherry. Quite pleasant in a liqueur-y sort of way.... Read more

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Tesco 14.31 14.88 18.36 15.22 15.74 17.56
The Bottle Club 20.49 19.99 19.99 19.99 20.49 20.49
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Name Jim Beam Red Stag
Brand Jim Beam
Average Price £21.44

Product Properties

Volume 700ml
Country of Origin
Created On CasKompare 02-02-2022

Product Description

Jim Beam infused with the natural essence of Black Cherry. Quite pleasant in a liqueur-y sort of way.~ Master of Malt

Order Now: Experience the smooth taste and rich aroma of Jim Beam by ordering your 700ml bottle today This budget friendly whisky is the perfect addition to any collection or for sharing with friends. Order now.

About The Brand: Jim Beam

Beam Suntory manufactures Jim Beam, an American brand of bourbon whiskey, in Clermont, Kentucky. It is one of the most popular bourbon brands in the world. Seven generations of the Beam family have worked in whiskey production for the business that creates the brand since 1795 (Prohibition caused a break in production). In 1943, the company adopted the name 'Jim Beam' in recognition of James B. Beam, who revived the enterprise following the repeal of Prohibition. The brand was first created by the Beam family and then controlled by the Fortune Brands holding group. In 2014, Suntory Holdings acquired the brand. Distillers of bourbon whiskey must adhere to federal production guidelines. According to the law (27 CFR 5), any 'straight' bourbon must be made in the United States, contain a minimum of 51% corn in its grain blend, be distilled at a maximum proof of 160 proof (80% ABV), be devoid of any additives (aside from water to reduce proof for aging and bottling), be aged in brand-new, charred white oak barrels, enter the barrels at a maximum proof of 125 proof (62.5% ABV), Jim Beam begins with water that has been organically filtered by a Kentucky limestone ledge. The addition of a strain of yeast used after the repeal of Prohibition to a tank containing grains results in the creation of 'dona yeast,' which is employed later in the fermentation process. To break down the mixture of maize, rye, and barley malt for simpler cooking, hammermills are used. Moving the mixture into a large mash cooker allows water and setback to be added. A part of the old mash from the previous distillation—the crucial phase in the sour mash process that ensures uniformity from batch to batch—is what is referred to as the 'set back.' Based on two separate mash bills, each employed in accordance with the product line, the distillery creates two distinct whiskeys. The mash is transferred from the cooker to the fermenter, where it is chilled to 60–70 °F (16–21 °C), and further yeast is added. The carbohydrates in the mash feed the yeast, which then produces heat, carbon dioxide, and alcohol. After filtering to remove particles, the resultant liquid—known as 'distiller's beer' or 'wash'—looks, tastes, and smells like (and is basically) a type of beer. The wash is pumped into a column still and heated there to a temperature of over 200 °F (93 °C), which causes the alcohol to vaporize. The high wine, which has a proof of around 125, is transferred to brand-new barrels made of charred American oak. Before being transported to neighboring hilltop rackhouses where they would age for up to nine years, the barrels are sealed with a 'bung.' Natural weather fluctuations that occur with the changing of the seasons cause the barrel wood to expand and compress, allowing bourbon to soak into the barrel and be flavored and colored by the caramelized sugars from the charred oak. A sizeable part of the bourbon exits the barrel through evaporation or is trapped in the wood of the barrel (referred to as the 'angel's share'). Jim Beam matures for a minimum of four years, which is twice as long as what the law mandates for a 'straight' bourbon. Additionally, the distillery is legally exempt from including an age statement on the bottle if the product has aged for at least four years.

Read more about Jim Beam on their website.

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