Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon

elijah craig small batch bourbon

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Region: N/A
Average Price: £52.50 / 700ml
Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon is a brand of straight bourbon whiskey produced by the Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. It is named after the Reverend Elijah Craig, who is credited with being the first person to age bourbon in charred oak barrels. Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon is made with a blend of bourbons aged for 8-12 years in charred oak barrels. It has a rich amber color and a complex flavor profile with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak. The whiskey is known for its smooth, well-balanced taste and is often enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but can also be used in cocktails. In addition to its small batch bourbon, Elijah Craig also offers a variety of other whiskey products, including Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon, and Elijah Craig Rye. Many whiskey connoisseurs have long favored Elijah Craig, to the point where their 12 year old bourbon supply has been severely constrained. The choice to stop using the 12 Year Old phrase and replace it with this one was made by the producers. It keeps the exceptionally excellent quality for which Elijah Craig is renowned, including the delectable cooked apple core with honey undertones. This phrase has been warmly appreciated, winning not one, but two Double Gold prizes in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

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