Bushmills American Oak Cask Bourbon Finish

Bushmills American Oak Cask Bourbon Finish

Whisky Information

Country: Irish Whiskey
Region: N/A
Brand: Bushmills
Average Price: £23.51 / 700ml
Inspired by a partnership spanning decades between two of the world’s great whiskey-making capitals: Bushmills Distillery and legendary barrel-makers Kelvin Cooperage of Louisville, Kentucky. Made with single malt used in Bushmills Original, finished in double-charred American Oak barrels, and then blended with the brand’s signature triple distilled Irish grain whiskey. Rich yet mellow on the palate, the double charred maturation process imparts balanced sweet notes of crème brûlée, toffee apple, and vanilla ~ Master of Malt

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About Bushmills

The oldest authorized whiskey distillery in the world is located at Bushmills. Official records date all the way back to 1608, when the region received its distillation permit. Thanks to expertise and craftsmanship that have been passed down from generation to generation, whiskey is still being brewed in Bushmills more than 400 years later. Nowhere else could we produce whiskey like here. Our water, which we obtain from the River Bush, travels over basalt rock layers. More than just a whiskey, Bushmills is. Family, friends, and neighbors all work together at the distillery in this community. 'Without the village there would be no whiskey, and without the whiskey there would be no village,' as we like to say, is a common saying. The mills that peppered the hamlet along the River Bush gave Bushmills its name.

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