Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon - Holiday Edition 2021

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon - Holiday Edition 2021

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Average Price: £27.49 / 700ml
What better way to delight a bourbon lover around Yuletide than with a seasonally themed bottle?! This eye catching release of Woodford Reserve's classic Kentucky Bourbon has a special label designed by architect Nick Hirst, depicting a delightful scene of the Woodford distillery floor, all spruced up for the holiday season. A classic as always, but why not give this a go in some seasonal spiced cocktails, or mixed with warm apple juice! ~ Master of Malt

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About Woodford Reserve

The Brown-Forman Corporation produces premium small batch Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey under the name Woodford Reserve in Woodford County, Kentucky. It is a blend of column still spirits from the Brown Forman Distillery in Shively, Kentucky, and copper pot still spirits created at the company's Woodford Reserve Distillery. The batch and bottle numbers on each 45.2% alcohol by volume (90.4 US Proof) bottle are distinctive. In 1996, the brand was first released. In 2021, more than one million cases of Woodford Reserve were sold domestically.

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